Our Team

Shelf Image, Inc. has assembled a team no other firm can match. The combination of integrity, quality of work and service, and consistently standing behind everything we do for two decades means you can always count on Shelf Image, Inc. to handle all your shelving and storage needs. Our team has handled all size and complexity of projects.



Name: Peter Stravlo

Nickname: Peter STravlo

Years in the industry: 32 years

Roles over the years: started as installer, then: sales, project management, President, HR, IT, etc

Why you love what you do: Love working with people. Making it a win-win for all our great clients as well as our loyal employees puts a smile on my face.

Personal tidbit: After decades of Playing Ultimate Frisbee after knee replacement am happy hitting the slopes


Name: Nathan Schoonover

Nickname: Natedog

Years in the industry: 25 years

Roles over the years: Installer, service tech, project manager, sales, owner

Why you love what you do: I love what I do because I get to travel and see a lot of interesting places.

Personal tidbit: I love my 3 boys, my family, snowboarding,  being funny & keeping it light, and fixing systems!


Name: Angela Mucciante

Nickname: Angie

Years in the industry: 30 years

Roles over the years: Customer Service Rep, Office Manager, I have worked both sides of the business. Started on the dealer side. Working with manufacturers, placing orders, checking orders, billing and customer service.

Why you love what you do: The last 12 years I have been on the Installation side working with the Dealers and end users, receiving product, billing, customer service and Office Manager managing the office, accounts receivables, payables and everything else involved. I am the glue that holds everything together.

Personal tidbit: I love to make jewelry and watch ghost shows with my daughter.


Name: Joe Padberg

Personal tidbit: Joe is co-owner and General Manager of PS, Installations, Inc. Joe has been installing, moving, sales and project manager with PSI since 1997. Joe’s background before PSI was in home design and garage door installation and sales. Joe has developed a loyal clientele over the years because client’s know they can depend on Joe to stand behind all of PSI’s work.


Name: Jermaine Thomas

Personal tidbit: Jermaine is PSI’s operations and sales manager. He has been installing, moving shelving and installing furniture systems for PSI since 1997. Jermaine has a proven history of completing projects on time and within budget. He is an incredible project manager, a creative problem-solver and is able to adapt to change on any project.


Name: Marshall Davis

Years in the industry: 38 years

Roles over the years: Installer 5 years, Inside Sales 3 years, Sales Representative 29 years, Combined Sales Representative and sales manager 1 year

Why you love what you do: The best part of my job is building relationships with my clients and helping them improve their work environments.

Personal tidbit: I love hanging out with my 5 grandchildren. One of my highest highs was 4 days hiking the Inca Trail with my wife Cynthia


Name: D’Ann Carle Abbott

Years in the industry: D’Ann has been in the Design and Sales industry for over 20 years. With a degree in Interior Design, she worked for an Architecture firm in Chicago specializing in Library Interiors for 9 years.

Roles over the years: Moving to Colorado she has worked in Sales and Design with furniture dealerships that also specialize in Libraries. She enjoys designing and creating spaces that are enjoyable for all ages and pleasing to the Client. She enjoys the client relationships that she has built and the challenge of finding the right solution and meeting the client’s needs and budget.

Personal tidbit: In her spare time she enjoys pottery and exploring different parts of Colorado doing photography with her husband.


Name: Bill Bowler

Nickname: Bill “Curly” Bowler

Years in the industry: 29 years

Roles over the years: Bill began his career in sales in 1984 with TAB Products, a records management company, and with his 29 years of experience as a Sales Consultant, and then as a Branch Manager for their Dallas office and then for the Los Angeles/ Southern California Regional office. Four years ago Bill and his wife Pattie decided to leave California and move to Colorado Springs and joined Shelf Image as their southern Colorado sales representative.

Personal tidbit: Bill and Pattie enjoy spending time in their RV with their family’s living in Colorado, and in Southern California taking mountain bike trips and jeep rides with their grandkids, family, and friends visiting this beautiful State of Colorado.


Name: Steve Moden

Nickname: Hey, you!!!

Years in the industry: 30 years

Roles over the years: Sales, Project Manager, Major Accounts Manager

Why you love what you do: The feeling of “job well done” when I propose a solution and the solution creates a successful project for all parties involved. Kind of like golf, you have a good game and you can’t wait to get out again!

Personal tidbit: I love working on cars, but not sure if they are better or worse after I’ve worked on them!


Name: Ron Nieto

Years in the industry: 39 years

Roles over the years: 9 years installing all types of storage equipment including: Mobile shelving, static shelving, warehouse shelving and vertical carousels. 29 years as Salesperson

Why you love what you do: I like being organized and utilizing space efficiently and being able to find stuff when I need it. I like to help my clients solve their space problems and information management challenges.

Personal tidbit: In my leisure time I like to play golf. I also have an extensive music collection and enjoy listening to all kinds of music preferably on vinyl and vintage hi-fi equipment. I also like to watch most sports and stay fit.


Name: Cameron Jonathan Carter

Nickname: Phil-harmonic, mac and the program so get with the program

Years in the industry: 20 years rocking jobs out

Why you love what you do: I love what I do because we are a sweet family with a lot of passion to make what we do the most efficient. That's my VP of install and entering a room to build stands ten foot tall.

Personal tidbit: I myself love summer concerts, Kawasaki, and co-workers that enjoy their day as much as I do. I really love inner office Angie, Nichole, Joe and Jermaine for always being a strong team to make what we have so sweet.


Name: Mitch Lacy

Years in the industry: Many years in furniture, the last 8 have been in mobile shelving

Roles over the years: I am currently the VP of Installation, but have been an automotive tech, furniture installer and snowboard bum.

Why you love what you do: There is a sense of satisfaction that mobile shelving brings me.

Personal tidbit: In my free time I like to skateboard and spend time with my girlfriend.